ITAA Board of Trustees

Diane Salters, President (2017 - 2018)

Diane Salters, MSc, TSTA (Psychotherapy), has been a member of the ITAA since the early 1980s.  She lived in the United Kingdom for 25 years where she received her TA training and integrative training at Metanoia. Twenty years ago she returned to her native South Africa where she now lives and works.  She is a recipient of the Hedges Capers Humanitarian Award.
      Diane has served on the ITAA Board of Trustees as regional representative for Africa, on the ethics committee, and as chair of the Eric Berne Fund for the Future and the Scholarship Fund committees. She is previously the VP for Research and Innovation and had a particular interest in the publication of The Script and the Transactional Analysis Journal.
      Diane values the international TA community and offers Skype supervision to trainees in various parts of the world. She is committed to maintaining the ITAA’s valuable role within that community.

A. Geethan, Treasurer (2016 - 2018)

Geethan is a PTSTA (Psychotherapy), holding a Masters in Psychology from the University of Madras. He practices psychotherapy in Chennai, India, and also consults organizationally to many companies across India. He has attended and presented his models in various international conferences and workshops. Geethan’s unique approach to therapy uses techniques and models from transactional analysis, Gestalt, NLP, hypnosis, CBT, and the analysis of recurrent dreams to decode the messages behind them.  As an organizational consultant, he combines his experience as an entrepreneur with the skills that he has mastered as a systemic strategist.  Geethan holds regular workshops on Enneagram, conflict resolution, and parenting for public and corporate organizations that help individuals raise self-awareness and actualize their potential. He writes regularly in various regional languages and in English newspapers, where he answers readers’ questions. Through his institute, "Nibbana Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre," Geethan dreams of creating more awareness in the general public about counseling and psychotherapy as a healthy choice rather than as a last resort for pathology.

Mandy Lacy, Secretary (2014 - 2017)

Mandy is based in Sydney, Australia and from New Zealand.  She spends time in both countries due to work and family commitments and loves both countries.  Over the last 10 years Mandy has worked as a board member for both NZTAA and ATAA and now is just focusing her TA voluntary work to that of the secretary tasks for ITAA.   Mandy is an organisational learning and training specialist with expertise in leadership, learning on the job, workplace dynamics, IT change and adoption and health transformation projects.  She holds a Masters in Learning Science and Technology and as a PhD Candidate continues her research examining how multidisciplinary teams are leading change and adoption of new technology implementations.  Mandy is a TSTA in the organisational field.