Online Access to TAJ for ITAA Members

The Transactional Analysis Journal (TAJ) is available digitally to ITAA members through the SAGE Journals website.

To set up your online access account:

  1. Go to the SAGE Journals website.
  2. Under “Activate Your Online Subscription,” enter your ITAA Member ID Number, select “International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA)” from the drop down menu, and click “Submit.” (NOTE: If you don't know your member ID, log into your online ITAA membership accountYour member ID will be displayed just below your name and membership category.)
  3. On the “Instructions” page, first verify that your name is displayed correctly. (If not, please e-mail SAGE or call 1-800-818-7243).  If your name is correct, enter a username and password, and click “Send Form” to activate your account.  (NOTE:  Do not click the “Transactional Analysis Journal” link until the confirmation process has been completed.)

To access articles:

  1. After you have activated your account, go to the TAJ homepage.
  2. Click the “Sign In” link at the top of the page to log in each time you start a new session.
  3. To access the current issue, click on the journal cover or on “Current Issue.”
  4. To browse the archive, click “All Issues.”
  5. To search for specific articles, enter a title or other keyword in “Search this journal,” or use the “Advanced Journal Search” link.

If you require further assistance, please e-mail SAGE or call 1-800-818-7243.