Past TA Conferences Worldwide


South Asian Association of Transactional Analysts (SAATA) Conference
2-4 September 2016
Theme: “Freedom Within”

Hotel Park Plaza, Coimbatore, India
Hosted by Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK)
Supported by the ITAA
Designated site of the 2016 ITAA official meetings and IBOC CTA exams
There will not be an official ITAA Conference in 2016 as the Board of Trustees is developing a new conference policy, the board has pledged its support to the SAATA Conference in Coimbatore and will be holding its yearly meeting there.

ITAA Conference 2015

29 July to 1 August

Groups are universal. Whether it is in training, supervision, therapy, teaching, organisations or coaching…groups and the analysis of group dynamics can be transformative.  Additionally, the theme group evokes many different perspectives:

  • Individual integration, assimilation and identification relative to groups and the resulting relational dynamics, through to
  • The evolution and development of individuals in educational and organisational settings.

Culturally, socially, economically and spiritually groups are essential to the fabric of society and to the theory of Transactional Analysis.

Today, people are lamenting the loss of the group because of its power as a vehicle for primitive relational material to emerge and for learning, redecision, holding and challenging to take place. The conference theme is, in essence, a refocusing on Berne’s idea that Transactional Analysis, as an essentially interpersonal endeavour, is a group experience.