Message from the ITAA President

I want to offer you a warm welcome to our website, whether you are already a valued member and part of our international community or just interested in learning more about transactional analysis and our organization. The ITAA was founded by Dr. Eric Berne and his colleagues in 1964, and we now have members on every continent and in 50 countries. TA training leads to certification exams in many parts of the world; our monthly newsletter, The Script, features people and events from around the globe; our respected Transactional Analysis Journal is available in over 6800 libraries, universities, and learning institutions in over 20 countries, with an online archive going back to 1971; and we have recently begun establishing partnerships with national, regional, and specialist TA associations around the globe to celebrate the diversity of our TA community. United by our common appreciation of the theory and practice of TA in the fields of psychotherapy, education, counseling, and organizational development, we seek to grow and learn together. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ITAA has been innovating and offering new ways of staying in touch through online workshops and webinars as well as online TA exams to support the ongoing learning and certification needs our members. Berne developed TA to be effective and accessible to people with no psychological training, underpinned by the simple but profound phrase “I’m OK, You’re OK, We’re OK.” This vision of contributing to healing the world is what drew many of us to TA and continues to inspire us. In a world facing acute environmental, social, and political crises, it is a vision we, as a public benefit organization, are keen to share and act on. Toward this end, our social engagement committee offers focus groups on topics such as climate change, nonviolence, intersectionality, and authoritarian challenges as well as online webinars in which members can broaden the discussion, deepen consciousness, and stimulate healthy change for ourselves, our clients, and our world. We hope to hear from you! If you are a member, your affirmations, questions, critiques, and ideas are important for keeping the ITAA energized and creative; if you are not yet a member, please consider joining us and becoming part of this unique community.

News and Announcements

* EATA Call for Examiners for both the CTA and TSTA examinations and for volunteer supervises and audiences for the TSTA examinations – Dublin, 5th & 6th July, 2023. Click here for more information.

* ITAA Social Engagement Committee Webinar - Hope & Despair: How do we conceptualise and experience them as transactional analysts - Tuesday, 4 April 2023 • 12 - 13:30  UTC. This event has ended. Click here to listen to the recording

* Invitation to Bid on the 2024 TA World Conference. Click here for more information

* ITAA-EATA Joint Webinar - Engaging with Destructiveness - Guest Speaker Diana Deaconu - Wed, 15 February 2023, 11:00 – 12:30 UTC. Click here to register.

​* EdFest 2022: Meeting in the Field Beyond Ideas. Click here to read more.

​* IBOC News: Onsite CTA Exams Next Summer in Suffolk, UK, Thurs., 27 July 2023. Click here for details.

​* Updated ITAA Conference manual, July 2020

* Updated ITAA Conference manual - appendices, July 2020

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