About the ITAA

The International Transactional Analysis Association is a nonprofit, member-driven educational organization founded by Eric Berne, MD. Our purpose is to help advance the theory, methods and principles of transactional analysis. Our members include counselors, educators, organizational development specialists, and psychotherapists, and our work as a largely-volunteer, international association centers primarily on:

Training & Certification
To insure quality training for individuals wishing to apply transactional analysis in various fields and work settings, we have established standards for training and certification in cooperation with transactional analysis associations around the world.

We published a quarterly professional journal, the Transactional Analysis Journal, as well as a monthly newsletter, The Script, which includes news from around the world as well as essays pertaining to our work as transactional analysts in many fields of practice.

International Conferences
Each year in a different part of the world, we host a professional conference, sometimes in collaboration with other regional transactional analysis associations.  These conferences offer opportunities for training, networking, presenting our work, and, most importantly, learning.

Awards of Recognition
Each year we recognize the achievements of our members with the Eric Berne Memorial Award, the ITAA Service Award, the ITAA Research Award, the Muriel James Living Principles Award, the Hedges Capers Humanitarian Award, and the Robert and Mary Goulding Social Justice Award.

Scholarships & Grants
To make training in transactional analysis affordable to more people around the world, we make available the Eric Berne Fund For The Future, the Scholarship Grant Fund, and the TALent Program.

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