International Board of Certification

  • Works in association with the PSC (Professional Standards Commitee) to set standards for training and supervision for all levels of professional membership and requirements for certification from time to time.
  • Manages training contracts for all levels of professional certification (CTA, TSTA etc.) as per the requirements set by the ITAA from time to time, including exceptions and expansions concerning those contracts.
  • Organises Training Endorsement Workshops (TEWs).
  • Administers written and oral exams as per the standards set by the ITAA.
  • Decides dates and location of exams for all levels of certification.
  • Supervises TSTA and CTA oral exams and monitors exam process.
  • Certifies successful candidates.
  • Provides information regarding dates and location of exams and the certification of transactional analysts.
  • Agrees exam sites and monitors exam process.
Jacqueline van Gent and Sue Eusden
Regional Exam Cordinators  
India: Sailaja Manacha
Japan: Takayuki Muroki
New Zealand & Australia: Vicky Blake
North America & Latin America: Gloria Noriega
TEW Coordinator: Co-Chairs of IBOC

Please address all inquiries regarding training contracts, Training Endorsement Workshops (TEWs), and exams to: