ITAA Scholarships & Grants

To make training in transactional analysis affordable to more people around the world, we make available the Eric Berne Fund For The Future, the Scholarship Grant Fund, and the TAlent Program.

The Eric Berne Fund for the Future
In 1983, the Eric Berne Fund for the Future was created by the ITAA Board of Trustees "to establish into perpetuity funds for the sponsoring of research, the promotion and use of transactional analysis, building worldwide unity and supporting professional standards."  Grant applicants may be individual members of the ITAA or organizations, either not-for-profit or for-profit (with royalty or profit-sharing agreements required from for-profits).

Priority is given to proposals that demonstrate interest in evaluating the effectiveness of various applications of transactional analysis theory.  Priority is given to applicants who have demonstrated a high level of competency in the theory and practice of TA.  The amount of the award is determined by the total monies available within the Fund each fiscal year, the amount of money already distributed, and the specific amount of money requested in each proposal.  For more information, see the EBFF Grant Application Guidelines.pdf.

The Scholarship Grant Fund
The Scholarship Grant Fund is designed to financially support training in transactional analysis for ITAA members with limited financial means, which support may also include waivers for ITAA conference registration fees and ITAA membership dues.

The TAlent Program
The TAlent Program was created to make ITAA membership and training fees economically accessible to everyone.  We do this by adjusting membership dues and training fees based on economic conditions in different nations around the world.