Conference Theme

“#Courage, Physis, and Resilience: Resources for a New Emerging World. In the midst of the terrible experience of the pandemic, which has affected the whole world, we need as a scientific community to come together, feel the power of belonging, and regenerate through the sharing of knowledge, training, and the enrichment that comes from the perspectives offered by others. This is the context for the upcoming ITAA conference, which has the ambitious goal of invigorating the physis that dwells within us to help us be courageous and resilient in the process of adapting to our altered times. The conference will be held on 3-5 June 2022 on the theme of “Courage, Physis, and Resilience: Resources for a New Emerging World.” It will run for 24 hours a day for those 3 days to cover all time zones.Read more

Key Note Speakers

Richard F. Mollica - Moving beyond the Enormity Problem; Tackling the Global Refugee Crisis
Sylvia Schachner - Living and growing up in an increasingly complex world
Izumi Kadomoto - The flow of the river is incessant
Sue Eusden - Ordinary acts in extraordinary times Read more

About the ITAA

The International Transactional Analysis Association is a nonprofit, member-driven educational organization founded by Eric Berne, MD. Our purpose is to help advance the theory, methods and principles of transactional analysis. Our members include counselors, educators, organizational development specialists, and psychotherapists, and our work as a largely-volunteer, international association centers primarily on: Training & Certification, Publications, International Conferences, Awards of Recognition, Scholarships & Grants...Read more