Two-Step Registration Process

  • The registration for the conference is a two-step process
    • Step 1: Fill up the registration form on this website with details which include your contact information, selection of workshops, etc.
    • Step 2: Payment for the conference using the login credentials generated on the submission of the registration form.
  • Step 1: Points to note while filling up the registration form
    • If you are an ITAA member and wish to avail of the membership discount, please use your ITAA registered email ID to register for this conference.
    • Select your country of residence from the appropriate drop-down list, in order to avail of the TA-lent discount
    • If you require translation, please select the language of your choice from the languages listed (Please refer to the section on Translation policy for terms and conditions)
    • If you are opting to bring your own translator, please select the relevant option and send an email to with the details listed in the Translation policy section
    • Please select the workshops you would like to attend from the drop-down list provided. Some workshops have limited seats. If all the seats are already taken, you will be prompted to select another workshop from the options listed for the time slot.
    • Once you submit the registration form, you will receive an email with the login credentials for the ITAA 2022 Online Conference. Please save your login credentials since you will be required to login in order to access the workshop’s zoom links.
  • Step 2: Points to note during the payment process
    • Once you have registered, you can use the above login credentials to access your account on the conference website to make the payment using the online payment gateway.
    • You have 48 hours from the time of registration to make the payment and confirm your slot for the conference.
    • If you fail to make the payment within 48 hours, your registration data will be purged from the system, and you will have to start from Step 1 and register once again
    • Your fee will be calculated automatically based on your ITAA membership status, country of residence, and date of registration – Fee details are listed on the website.
    • Please note that the early bird discount will be available only based on the payment date and not the registration date.
    • Payment can be made using an International credit card. Bank transfers are available only for US bank account holders.