Translation Policy

The ITAA is committed to delivering services to people in as fair a manner as is possible within cost constraints. Effective communication in people’s preferred languages is one of the ways we wish to promote equality of access to information and services for as many sections of the world community as we can.

For the conference, we will provide translation services either through contracted suppliers or volunteers who are members of the ITAA. The service that will be available is a simultaneous translation of conference workshops, on zoom. This will be provided at no extra cost to conference participants.

Translation services will be offered as and when at least 5 conference participants request translation in a particular language, and as long as we have enough translators available to cover the number of workshops running at any given time. (There are many workshops running at the same time, so we will have to allocate translators to the workshops where the most requests for translation have been made.)

The translators that we have on offer are:

Should you wish to organize your own translator, please provide their contact details to so that we may prepare them and provide them with the zoom channel they will require for the event.

While we will make reasonable efforts to provide the best services possible, the ITAA cannot warrant that translation services provided under this policy will be adequate for the purposes of every individual in every circumstance and disclaims any liability alleged to arise from such services. We have provided translators with basic TA definitions and terms, but please be aware that where a translator is not au fait with TA, this may affect the quality of the translation.


1. Go to and register for the conference.
2. Indicate your language preference on the registration page.
3. Make payment
4. You will receive emailed confirmation of the booking once payment has been received.
5. One week before the conference you will receive login details and guidance on how to enter your particular translation zoom “room” if the translation is available in your particular choice of language.

6. Wait to receive an email informing you if your choice of the translation will be available.