Professional Standards Committee

  • Works in association with the IBOC (International Board of Certification) and sets standards for training and supervision for all levels of professional membership.
  • Sets the Code of Ethics for transactional analysts.
  • Establishes professional member nomenclature.
  • Makes recommendations about requirements to the Board of Certification.
  • Monitors the ongoing professional development needs of professional members.
  • Sets standards and publishes guidelines for professional behavior, presentation, and advertisement, including the use of the ITAA logo and Service Mark.
  • Oversees and reviews professional practices.
  • Receives and assesses complaints regarding matters concerning professional practices.
  • Intervenes or mediates disputes in order to resolve complaints, and shall make recommendations to the Board of Trustees or the Ethics Committee if necessary.
Co Chairs Giles Barrow and Karen Pratt
  Suriyaprakash C (VP Professional Standards)
Editor: The Handbook PSC
Editor: The Update PSC

Please address all inquiries regarding  training standards, the ITAA Code of ethics, and the Professional Practices Guidelines to: and .