Scholarship Grant Fund

The Scholarship Grant Fund is designed to financially support training in transactional analysis for ITAA members with limited financial means and with a commitment to becoming certified. Grants may be considered for:

  • Training in transactional analysis, including training fees, tuition for ongoing training or selected workshops, room and board (related to residential training programs only), books and supplies, contract filing fees, and both written and oral exam fees.
  • Attending an ITAA conference in the form of a registration fee waiver for the main conference. (Awards are not considered for preconference workshops, travel, or room and board.)
  • ITAA dues waiver for hardship reasons.

Grants are available to any ITAA member who has been a member for one year prior to making application.

Applying for Funds

For grants for training, conference attendance, or other uses, applicants must complete the GENERAL Scholarship Grant Application.

For dues waivers, applicants must complete the DUES ONLY Scholarship Grant Application.