Training and Certification in Transactional Analysis


Training in TA—whether for personal or professional growth— is offered around the world by institutes and certified individuals.  To find out what training is available in your region, visit the website of the TA association nearest you. (See also our calendar of upcoming exams and workshops below.)

The standards and guidelines for training toward certification—as a practicing, supervising, or teaching transactional analyst—have been established by the Professional Standards Division of the ITAA, in cooperation with the European Association of Transactional Analysis (EATA) and the Federation of Transactional Analysis Associations (FTAA, formerly WPATA). These training standards have been agreed upon worldwide and are mutually recognized by many regional TA associations.  (Click on the Certification and Examinations Handbook at the left.)

To make training toward TA certification more widely accessible, the ITAA offers the TAlent Program and the Scholarship Grant Fund to qualified ITAA members.

IBOC Exams Calendar

Type Date Location Appl. Deadline
TSTA 21-23 Mar 2024 ONLINE 21 Sept 2023
CTA 21-23 Mar 2024 ONLINE 21 Dec 2023
TSTA 3-5 Oct 2024 ONLINE 3 April 2024
CTA 3-5 Oct 2024 ONLINE 3 July 2024

Send all IBOC exam applications;[Forms 12.7.4 and 12.7.3 for CTA exam application or 12.11.4 and 12.11.6 for TSTA exam application] 

Note: Exams subject to availability of qualified examiners/exam supervisors who must be at least a CTA (for a CTA exam) or a TSTA (for a TSTA exam). The IBOC is not responsible for expenses incurred when exams are canceled or postponed due to unavailability of qualified examiners/exam supervisors.

* IBOC CTA exam candidates must submit the written case study no later than SIX months before the oral exam date.

** The fees shown for the CTA and TSTA exams are for the online exams. In case of an onsite exam, the fees will be 25%higher due to higher expenses.

IBOC TEW Calendar

(Training Endorsement Workshop)

Type Date Location Appl. TPO Deadline
TEW 27-29 Oct 2023 CANCELLED (not enough applicants)  
TEW 12-14 April 2024 ONLINE 12 Aug 2023/ 12 Oct 2023
TEW 25-27 Oct 2024 ONLINE 25 Feb 2024/ 25 Apr 2024

COC Exams Calendar

For information on COC exams, see 

PTSC TEW Calendar

(Training Endorsement Workshop)

 For COC CTA, see the EATA Handbook or contact the EATA Supervising Examiner
* For PTSC TEW, see

The Professional Standards Division of the ITAA consists of the Professional Standards Committee (PSC) and the International Board of Certification (IBOC).

  • The PSC establishes the training standards, the ITAA Code of ethics, and the Professional Practices Guidelines. 
    Please address relevant inquiries to
  • The IBOC manages all training contracts, Training Endorsement Workshops (TEWs), and exams.
    Please address relevant inquiries to

Director in Charge: Karen Pratt, Co-Chair, Professional Standards Committee

2700 E. Foothill Blvd, Suite 209, Pasadena, CA 91107 US